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Dental health is an important aspect of the physical and psyhological well-being. Our focus is on Prevention, Information, Guarantee.


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We offer the maximum service and dental expertise adjusting the treatments according to every need.

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Personalized therapeutic solutions, diagnosis based on the latest technologies and hospitality: for the comfort and care of our patients.
Dr. Doriana Peruško Cukon

Cukon Dental Clinic

Professionals in dentistry

The Clinic offers a wide range of dental care services. The high professionalism of the team, combined with the choice of using only high quality materials and technologies and latest generation equipment, attract many patients from all over the Cukon Dental Clinic of the world and make it one of the best known dental centers in Istria and Croatia. During the first visit we offer a diagnosis with the support of radiographic analysis and a detailed quote, free and without obligation. Together with the patient we define the most appropriate options for a treatment plan, studied on the basis of a personalized clinical picture, based on the dental health status that we find.
Dr. Doriana Peruško Cukon

Services and treatments

diagnosi dentale croazia

Dental diagnosis

Before performing any type of dental intervention it is always necesary to know the characteristics of each tooth: dental treatments require precise diagnosis to…

odontoiatria croazia


Endodontic procedure is used when the internal tissue of the tooth called the dental pulp is inflamed. Causes of inflammation can be: caries. dental…

sbiancamento denti croazia

Aesthetic dentistry

When an aesthetic “problem” compromises our smile, we feel less confident about ourselves. Healthy and beautiful teeth can improve the quality of our life…

odontoiatria conservativa croazia

Conservative dentistry

With the help of conservative dentistry we can remove the damaged parts of the teeth, reconstructing their shape and functions. In case of caries,…

parodontologia croazia


Periodontology is the branch of Dentistry that studies the tissues and pathologies of the periodontium, consisting of the tissues that surround and support the…

pedodonzia dentista croazia

Pediatric dentistry

Pedodontics (pediatric dentistry) is a discipline dealing with diagnosis and stomatology treatments of temporary teeth in children, targeting both milk teeth as well as…

radiologia dentale croazia


Thanks to the development of technology, dental radiology is moving towards digital technology, where radiological tools have become increasingly precise and advanced. In many…

sterilizzazione strumenti croazia


Effective and efficient infection control in the dental office is essential for the safety of patients and to ensure that productivity does not suffer.…

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Dental implantology represents the set of surgical techniques designed to rehabilitate a state of the patient affected by total or partial edentulism with the use of dental implants. What is…

Dental prosthesis

The loss of the teeth has a great impact on the life of a person. First of all the masticatory function. Eating our favorite pizza or biting food that requires…

Aesthetic medicine

All the interventions used for the correction of minor skin blemishes that do not require surgery go under the term of the Aesthetic Medicine. Aging, the skin of the face…

Accommodation in the clinic

appartamento marina cukon pola croazia

Marina Apartment

Furnished and equipped apartment for 4 people

appartamento giorgina cukon pola croazia

Giorgina Apartment

Apartment in the attic furnished and equipped for 3 people

appartamento yrina cukon pola croazia

Yrina apartment

Furnished and equipped apartment for 4 people

appartamento iva cukon pola croazia

Iva apartment

Apartment in the attic furnished and equipped for 3 people

appartamento julia cukon pola croazia

Julia apartment

Furnished and equipped apartment for 4 people