Application of the Vistabel

Botulinum toxin type A

A highly purified botulinum toxin A is a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Botox is not a poison but a natural protein without prolonged side effects.

There are two basic forms of botulinum toxins: Botox and Botox Cosmetic.

  • Botox It is used to treat some medical problems, such as muscle spasms.
  • Botox Cosmetic It is used in aesthetics, to improve the appearance of the face and neck.

Aging creates wrinkles on the face that are the result of muscular hyperfunction, severity, environmental influences and sleep patterns. Botox injections successfully reduce wrinkles, but they can also be used to change the shape and placement of the eyebrows and lips, which in old age are lowered, and the face seems to look sad. Botox is also used successfully to change the appearance of the skin and reduce fat.

he most popular Botox treatments are, however used for the reduction of wrinkles in the glabellar region (upper third of the face), so-called wrinkles 11, wrinkles around the eyes and wrinkles on the forehead.

Botox therapy planning

When it comes to using botulinum, it is important to understand the muscular movements and muscle activity, analyze facial expressions, note possible asymmetries and then apply the product, paying particular attention to the depth of injection, to the amount of material and it’s way of spreading in the surrounding tissues.

The injections require a lot of experience because an imprecise technique can lead to an aesthetically unacceptable expression and may cause difficulties in speaking, chewing or even ingestion.

treatments with botox, aesthetic medicine

Baby Botox

Sometimes it is better to inject smaller doses of Botox to preserve some muscle movements, especially for laughter: it is important that the mimicry is still present.

The result we get by using botulinum is a natural aspect of the face, with soft wrinkles still present, but also the mimicry of the face and the character instead of age.

The name of this complete denervation in which we use smaller amounts then usual is Baby Botox currently the most popular treatment which bring natural and fresh results.

Botox is used for:

  • Reducing wrinkles from the upper, middle and lower part of the face.
  • Shaping the eyebrows.
  • Emphasizing the symmetry of the eyebrows.
  • Open the eyes.
  • Raising the corners of the lips.
  • Tightening the skin around the chin.
  • Rejuvenating the neck.
  • Forming the contours of the face.
  • Treating bruxism.

Application of Botox

Botox in the upper part of the face

  • Wrinkles  11

    Wrinkles 11

    They appear as two vertical lines engraved between the eyebrows or as a horizontal wrinkle visible on the forehead. They are mainly caused by the permanent contraction of the muscles. These wrinkles present a natural sign of aging.

  • horizontal wrinkles of the forehead

    The horizontal wrinkles of the forehead

    They appear above the eyebrows. Hormonal aging associated with menopause causes the body to produce less estrogen that protects the skin. Sunlight damage has a big contribute in developing of horizontal wrinkles.

  • Wrinkles around the eyes

    Wrinkles around the eyes

    Also called „crows feet“ get formed when the skin loses collagen and hyaluronic acid. Big impact has the exposure to the sun, because the skin around the eyes is particularly thin and does not contain oil-producing glands and wrinkles develop faster than elsewhere on the face.For the prevention of these wrinkles we highly recommend the use of sunglasses and sunscreen with high spf.

Botox in the middle part of the face

  • Nose wrinkles - Bunny lines

    Nose wrinkles – Bunny lines

    wrinkles formed on the left and right side, through the nose, enhancing the mimicry of the face when they nibble or laugh. They can be regulated with a small amount of botox.

  • The upper part of the eyelid

    The upper part of the eyelid

    Drooping eyelids are created as a result of aging giving the face a sad look. As we age, the fatt tissue which surrounds the eye falls under the eyelids.

  • Wrinkles around the lips - Bar code wrinkles

    Wrinkles around the lips – Bar code wrinkles

    These wrinkles should be treated with small amounts of botox placed carefully to avoid endangering vital muscle functions.

  • Upper lip extension - Gummy smile

    Upper lip extension – Gummy smile

    This kind of a treatment is used when a person has a smile that reveals too much gums. It is caused because of the disproportion in the size of the teeth, gingiva and upper jaw. The appearance of the upper lip also plays an important role. By applying Botox, a smile can be reshaped due to the weakening of the muscular contraction of the upper lip.

  • Wrinkles from the lip to the chin - Puppet wrinkles

    Wrinkles from the lip to the chin – Puppet wrinkles

    They are extending from the outer edge of the lip all the way to the chin. Botox can be used to correct the puppet wrinkles. With the saggy corners of the lips, people seem constantly sad and angry. As we age, we lose elastin and collagen, the skin loses its strength and begins to relax. The corners of the lips are lowered. Smoking certainly contributes to their creation. In the lifting therapy of the mouth the ideal solution would be to use the combination of Botox and dermal fillers.

  • Chewing muscles - Maseter

    Chewing muscles – Maseter

    located on the edge of the lower jaw on the left and right side in front of the ears. Botox is used for shaping the muscles of the lower third of the face.

  • Softening the chin

    Softening the chin

    by applying botulinum it is possible to correct small irregularities which, due to the frequent activity of the chin muscle, lead to the appearance of rough skin.

  • Strengthening the skin of chin and neck

    Strengthening the skin of chin and neck

    a combination of filers and Botox can improve the relaxed skin of the lower third of the face and remove the so-called “hamster look”. Dull skin is the main reason why people look old.

  • Neck lifting - Nefertiti neck

    Neck lifting – Nefertiti neck

    In this case we applicate the Botox along the jaw, getting a non-surgical lifting or lifting of the neck and lower face.

  • Bruxism


    Bruxism is often associated with stress.. It is increased by the consumption of alcohol and smoking. With the application of the botulinum directly into the chewing muscles, we can decrease the pressure to the jaw and the teeth.

Botox usually lasts longer in the middle and lower part of the face than in the upper part of the face.

Vistabel in the Cukon Clinic

Before we get started with the treatment, improving the aesthetics, we highly suggest a visit. It is essential and it allows us to focus on some important parameters:

  • Morphology of the face.
  • Mimic of the face.
  • Aesthetic aspects that can be improved by treatment.
  • Patients expectations.

treatments with botox, aesthetic medicine

To reduce the risk of swelling and redness, it is necessary to apply ice to the treated areas. It is important that you do not use aspirin or any other drugs for at least a week before and after the treatment.

Patients note the first results 1-3 days after the treatment with the botulinum but the maximum effect shows 1-2 weeks after the therapy.

The benefits after Botox therapy usually last for 3-6 months and then slowly disappear.


Botox can cause problems in the areas where the skin is affected by inflammation or infection, or if the person has a minimum of allergy to any ingredient in the drug formula.

We do not treat pregnant women or nursing mothers.

It is important to higlight the fact that Botox is not a permanent solution. In order to avvoid problems with wrinkles, it is neccesary to repeat regularly the treatment. After the treatment the face seems relaxed, fresh and natural.
The staff of the Cukon Clinic believes in the importance of an individual and personalized approach that consideres not only the patient’s desires but also the shape and harmony of the face. There are no side effect after the operation and the patient can return to his daily obligations immediately after the treatment.