Frequent questions

Is the treatment painful?

The latest generation of Juvéderm Vycross already contains local anesthesia, the treatment itself is painless. The application of the fillers takes from 5 to 15 minutes.

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How long do the results last?

According to our experience, we get best results from the Juvéderm that Dr. Doriana Peruško Cukon uses to lift the skin on the cheeks and chin and for a non-surgical facelift. The results can last for two years with small corrections.
After the treatment the face looks natural and young. Fillers give fresh and rejuveneted skin and regain natural and beautifull appereance.

Side effects

There are no registered side effects.


  • We do not suggest drinking alcohol 24 hours after the procedure;
  • We do not suggest doing physical exercise 24 hours after the procedure;
  • After the procedure, the doctor will carefully massage the treated areas but it would be better to continue the massage at home;
  • Patient should avoid sauna and solarium 3-4 days after the treatment;

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The best way to get reliable and useful results is to make an appointment in order to receive all the information. We will listen to your needs and expectations and give you and advice about the treatments. Patients can plan the treatments, organize the cost of a service or package of services and plan a payment method.

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