The dental prothesis is a treatment that our professionally educated doctors from the Dental Clinic Cukon suggest to their patients to regain proper masticatory functions, aesthetics, and self-confidence. Prosthetics can be a great solution when a patient has a problem with the lack of natural teeth or teeth with major damage. They are practically artificially made teeth, known as fixed and removable (or mobile) prosthesis.
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When are dental prothesis the right solution?

When there are problems with the teeth, the most common questions are what to do if:

  • the tooth is damaged;
  • missing tooth in the jaw;
  • missing more teeth in the jaw;
  • the jaw is toothless;
  • the correction of some minor problems of healthy teeth.

The subjects to whom fixed dental prosthesis are proposed as a solution to the problem are patients who:

  • have a damaged, impossible to fix, or completely absent tooth;
  • have a lack of one or more teeth in one or both jaws;
  • hey have completely edentulous jaws.
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Dental prothesis: patient with absent, damaged, or non-fixable tooth

In some cases, a damaged tooth does not have to be extracted. In fact, it is often possible to cure a tooth with various treatments to improve the aesthetics and functionality. For example, the problem could be solved easily and quickly placing a fixed crown on a natural cured tooth,

Fixed dental crowns can be aesthetically identical to natural teeth but they also improve the strength and the stability of remaining natural teeth and regaining complete masticatory functions.

Fixed dental crowns are also an ideal solution when we have to replace a missing tooth. In this case, the missing tooth is reconstructed with an implant and covered with a permanently cemented crown.

Materials used to make dental crowns can be:

  • Porcelain Fused­­-to-Metal;
  • Zirconia;
  • Pure ceramics;
  • Emax.

Patient missing multiple teeth

When a patient has a problem of missing several teeth, the perfect permanent solution is a dental bridge.

A dental bridge is a non-removable appliance used to replace a missing tooth (or missing teeth) to restore a fully functioning bite and promote a natural, radiant smile.

NOTE: only the patients who have strong and stable abutment teeth which practically support the bridge can choose this method as a solution.

Patient with edentulous jaw

These are extreme cases often performed by professionals at the Cukon Dental Clinic with optimal solutions and great results. If the patient has an edentulous jaw, possible solutions are implant procedures All on Four and All on Six and semi-fixed dentures on implants.

Dental prothesis: removable (mobile) dentures

In cases where it is not possible to install dental implants, the patient can choose a removable denture. There are different types and in our dental clinic Cukon we offer the following solutions:

  1. Mobile dentures in acrylate;
  2. Wironit mobile dentures which have:
    • closing systems using metal hooks or metal rods
    • closing systems with the click-on
inlay in Croazia
onlay in Croazia

Defects which affect healthy teeth and dentures

In a case where the patient has one or more crooked teeth and does not have a proper bite, we suggest dental veneers as a perfect solution.

Dental veneers are an aesthetic dental solution used for correcting a large number of aesthetic irregularities in the front teeth.

Veneers are ultra-thin shells of ceramic (porcelain) or a composite resin material, which are bonded to the front and side of teeth. They are an ideal solution providing a much more conservative approach to changing a tooth’s color, irregularities, size, or shape, protecting the teeth from further damage, and generally improving the look of the entire smile.

When caries is very extensive and cannot be cured with the amalgam fillings, the dentist can use onlay or inlay. They make an excellent choice for significant damages to the solid tooth tissue, especially with treated teeth and caries reaching the space between the teeth or when filling places that are difficult to reach.