Dental crowns

Dental crowns are made from an artificial material used for the replacement of lost, broken or damaged teeth. They can be the ideal way to rebuild and strengthen weakened teeth. Dental crown is positioned above the original tooth and is completely identical to the other teeth. The crown, when cemented into place, fully covers the entire tooth all the way to the gum line.

Dental crowns in Croatia

When do we need a Dental Crown?

  • when the teeth are affected by caries, they are chipped or broken and can not be reconstructed with fillings;
  • when the teeth become weak after a devitalization and can be damaged;
  • when the teeth are affected by diseases that are destroying the enamel;
  • when we have to cover the implant;

The material

Dental crowns are produced in various materials:

  • ceramic crowns (pure porcelain);
  • zirconia crowns;
  • metal-ceramic crowns (alloy-ceramic);
  • metal-resin crowns;
  • metal crowns;
  • resin crowns (usually they are temporary crowns);

Zirconia is a material which offers many advantages like: natural effect, biocompatibility, resistance.

Dental crowns in Croatia

Dental crowns in Croatia

Dental crowns in Croatia

Dental crowns in Croatia

The advantages of dental crowns

Dental crowns offer many advantages. We can say that they restore the tooth to its original condition, both in terms of functionality and stability. In particular, dental crowns strengthen, protect and improve the aesthetic appearance of the smile.

There are two ways to insert crowns on dental implants:

  • The crown can be screwed and connected to the implant by a through screw.
  • The crown can be cemented.