Dental crowns, known as capsules, are artificial replacements used to replace decayed, lost, broken, or damaged teeth. They are the most common prosthetic solution in case of functional or aesthetical tooth damage. Dental crowns are usually a permanent solution.

Dental crowns offer several advantages:

  • recovering the functionality of the tooth.
  • regain masticatory functions.
  • they are aesthetically identical to the appearance of natural teeth.

Dental crowns in Croatia

When are dental crowns placed?

We can use dental crowns as a solution in several cases. This solution represents an ideal way to restore the perfect smile in cases where it is not possible to intervene through other procedures such as implantology.

Common cases where we suggest crowns as a solution to the problem:

  • missing tooth;
  • a tooth that needs to be extracted;
  • a damaged, crooked, or broken tooth.

The most common cases in which crowns are the best solution:

  • caries – people who have an extensive tooth caries, which is hard to cover and fix the tooth with a large filling;
  • weakness – after root canal treatment: for people after the endodontic treatment to protect severely damaged teeth to preserve them;
  • enamel – some diseases can cause the disappearance of tooth enamel. In this case, the crown can be used as protection for the damaged surface of the tooth.

What are the procedures used for tooth replacement?

When a tooth is missing or needs to be extracted because it cannot be cured, the ideal solution would be to replace it with a new tooth. The operation can be performed by installing a dental implant and a permanently fixed crown.

When the surface of the tooth is chipped, broken, or damaged, it is possible to solve the problem of regaining the functionality and aesthetics by placing the crown on the natural tooth.

What material is used to make dental crowns?

With crowns, we regain the strength and the stability of natural teeth but also the perfect masticatory function. Crowns are also aesthetically identical to natural teeth. To achieve this, we use different materials to make them. According to materials used in the process, the cost can be changed as well. The most used materials are:

  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns;
  • zirconia ceramics;
  • Total porcelain crowns;
  • Emax.

Patients at our Cukon Dental Clinic usually choose zirconia crowns. Zirconia is the newest high-quality material used for the preparation of dental crowns and bridges. This material has actually become revolutionary in the denture sector primarily because of its advantages:

  • natural effect under all types of ambient lighting;
  • biocompatibility;
  • resistance.
Dental prosthetics in Croatia
Dental crowns in Croatia
Dental prosthetics in Croatia
Dental crowns in Croatia

Advantages of this type of prosthetics

The dental crown offers several benefits. First of all, it restores completely the tooth to its original condition in terms of functionality and stability. Also, it strengthens teeth, protects weakened teeth, and improves the aesthetic appearance of a smile.