If a greater loss of teeth occurs and fixed prosthetic implants are not possible, removable prosthetics or dentures allow bringing back a healthy bite and a beautiful smile. . This type of dentures is often used by the elderly population who do not have enough bone tissue for implants.

Removable or combined prosthetics offer excellent jaw rehabilitation and recovers compromised functionality of speech and bite. Besides, it represents a great aesthetic solution. Considering the number of remaining teeth, we can opt for a partial or total denture.

Mobile dentures in Croatia
Mobile dentures in Croatia

Types of mobile prostheses

Mobile dentures can be:

  • Partial or Wironit;
  • Completely made in acrylate;
  • Combined.

Partial or Wironit dentures

These are removable dentures hooked to the remaining natural teeth. They are usually formed on a metal structure or skeleton. The presence of metal ensures a higher level of chewing functionality and stability. It requires the restoration of one or more dental elements where skeletal extensions are inserted.

Acrylic prosthesis

They are made separately for the upper and the lower jaw when the loss of all-natural teeth in one of the jaws occurs. The upper base covers the entire palate, and the lower base is shaped like a horse-shoe, leaving space for the tongue.

Combined prostheses

Combined removable dentures are used as a solution in the absence of several teeth. They consist of a fixed base (fixed dental crowns that act as a support) and a removable skeletal denture.

When the remaining teeth in the jaw do not allow the placement of a fixed dental bridge and implants are excluded for health or economic reasons, dentists at the Cukon Clinic offer combined mobile dentures.

In this case, the natural teeth are covered with a fixed ceramic dental bridge. It includes extensions that connect the mobile denture using a unique click system.

Advantages of combined removable dentures

  • They are aesthetically ideal because there are no hooks. They are replaced by extensions placed at the level of the tongue and are completely invisible;
  • The remaining teeth are not damaged but covered with fixed crowns and have greater stability;
  • A combined denture can be made quickly and it gives the patient a new smile in a short period of time.

Proper oral hygiene with mobile dentures

The usage of removable dentures does not exclude proper oral hygiene. It is necessary to carefully clean the oral cavity every time after the denture is removed. It is also recommended to clean the tongue, palate, and the inside of the cheeks with a soft brush.

When cleaning the dentures it is necessary to avoid:

  • water that is too hot while rinsing because it can affect or change the shape;
  • products such as bleach or chlorine which can cause damage to the metal parts of the prosthesis;
  • hard toothbrushes;
  • whitening kinds of toothpaste that can change color.