Semi-fixed dentures on implants

For those with little bone tissue, but who need an implant, the dentists at the Cukon Dental Clinic suggest a solution with semi-fixed dentures on dental implants, also called semi-mobile dentures.

After the procedure in which the implants are inserted into the bone, our dentists put the attachments called locators or rods which connect the implants to ensure higher stability and support. At the end of this step, a semi-fixed denture gets placed onto the implants.

When is surgery performed with semi-fixed dentures on implants?

  • If the patient has lost bone tissue or does not have enough bone to bear the weight of dental crowns;
  • For proper tooth function and natural phonetics;
  • For aesthetic reasons. For example, if the gums have receded and the teeth look very long;
  • Oral hygiene is very simple (being removable);
  • It is a very economical solution.

Semi-fixed prostheses on implants

How is surgery performed with semi-fixed prostheses on implants?

After analysis based on 3D radiography, dental implants are surgically implanted in the upper and / or lower jaw. After the integration period, the specialist has more options:

  • to anchor the bindings with the ball or locator;
  • the complete bar or the bar segments, to better connect the implants (bar pillars) and give even more stability to the prosthetic structure.

The final phase of the work consists of adjusting the denture to the patient’s mouth to ensure the functionality and aesthetics of the natural teeth. The upper prosthesis has no palate, which makes it practical and comfortable for the patient.

Semi-fixed prostheses on implants

Advantages of working with semi-fixed dentures:

  • The intervention allows the installation of a smaller number of implants. Usually four on the upper and two on the lower jaw. The use of prosthetic semi-fixed solutions on 4 implants provides stability for chewing and natural phonetics, often impossible with classic variations of mobile prostheses;
  • La sicurezza e la stabilità della protesi in bocca;
  • Patients tolerate very well and adapt easily to the new prosthesis;
  • Short healing time thanks to minimally invasive surgery;
  • The prosthetic device is built in a modern composite, which makes its construction more solid with extremely realistic and natural aesthetics.

How to properly clean semi-fixed dentures on implants

For perfect oral hygiene and proper cleaning of semi-fixed dentures, after the installation of implants and dentures, it is necessary to carefully follow our tips:

  • Brush your teeth well after each meal for at least 3 minutes;
  • Rinse mouth with water;
  • Brush with a soft brush on the mucous surfaces of the oral cavity every time the denture is removed;
  • Visit the dentist twice a year for deep cleaning;
  • Brush dentures from top to bottom with a soft toothbrush and cold water;
  • Use a toothpaste that is not too abrasive to remove food which can lead to the appearance of plaque and tartar.