There are many people who rely on Eastern European dentists when it comes to dental procedures and dental treatments. In Croatia, dentistry is a field of medical specialization which has built a good reputation over the years: dental practices are well organized, they are working with the equipment of the latest generation and materials of a great quality. Dentists in Croatia have no reason to envy to other European countries when it comes to professionalism and preparation.

Why choose a dentist in Croatia?

  • First of all, the costs of dental services cost less. For an example, the price of a complete mobile prosthesis that in our country costs around 1500 euros, costs a little more than 500 euros in a Croatian clinic. A simple filling? No more than 60 euros in the most complex cases. Reason? The cost of labor is lower here than in Italy and for a dentist in Croatia it is possible to offer high-level dental services at reduced costs, without compromising the quality of the materials or the service.
  • The journey a few years ago was a problem but not anymore: there are arangements that include transport by bus and include the stay in hotels or private apartments. Among the most popular destinations for Italians is Istria – 2 hours from Trieste and 5 hours from Bologna – because of it’s historical and cultural legacy in which many Italians enjoy.
  • Another advantage is the language. In all dental facilities, the staff fluently speaks other languages, such as English, German and Italian. To be able to talk in your own language about health-related procedures is very important. In Croatia, you can speak Italian without any concern. Even the names of the streets and squares are in both languages, Croatian and Italian. Exploring the area or asking for information will not rapresent a problem.

Dentists in Croatia

Dental care at low costs but also relaxation and fun

In many cases the Croatian Dental Clinics offer complete packages, including flights, transfers and overnight stays; it is not just about saving and getting the best care, but also about enjoying a holiday abroad, which will also be well organized during the entire stay. Requests for dental interventions in Croatia come from all over Europe, not just from Italy, demonstrating the seriousness and quality of the services provided.

So why not go to neighboring Croatia for an implant surgery, or a dental prosthesis, maybe even to treat the annoying wrinkles which remind us of or age, all at very low costs? And why not use the opportunity to learn more about places rich in history and extraordinary natural beauties?

Croatia is in the EU, so there is no reason to doubt the professionalism of Croatian dentists. All dentists in Croatia have participated in internship programs contained of high level professional training in order to learn additional skills through international training courses. Dental tourism in Croatia has grown exponentially over the last few years, and the number of people who decide to travel to Croatia for dental implant and aesthetic procedures continues to increase.

At the center of the growth of this phenomenon is the considerable saving of money, even up to 70%: a percentage that becomes really important considering the costs of dental care.

The main reason why dental tourism has become a mass phenomenon? The reason is simple: dental care, unlikothers, is generally a cost that citizens finance from their own pockets. Another reason are long waiting lists in the public dentistry service.