Implantology is a set of surgical techniques designed to rehabilitate the patient’s jaw using dental implants. This includes patients with the lack of one or more teeth but also the patients with completely edentulous jaws.

Dental implantology in Croatia
Immediate loading in Croatia
dental implantology in Croatia
dental implants in Croatia

Immediate load on implants

Immediate load allows the placement of dental implants and the insertion of restorations that are completed on the same day. Therefore, it is not necessary to wait two or three months for recovery after the surgery. This practice replaces the delayed-load implantology that was used in dentistry until a few years ago. Immediate loading can be performed on the entire jaw (6 or 8 implants) but also on one tooth (1 implant).

Immediate load on implants

Implants with immediate load significantly reduce the time of prosthetic treatment. Immediately after the installation of dental implants, a fixed denture or, in some cases, a fixed temporary denture is placed. Thus, the patient does not have to wait for 3 to 6 months for the period of osseointegration. The use of a temporary mobile prosthesis is not required either. The patient will leave the dental clinic with the new teeth. Dental implants are placed at a certain angle to ensure the correct pressure created by chewing.

The ideal result is obtained by using:

  • dental implants that reach maximum force along their entire length;
  • implants with a specific design that enables a strong and firm connection of the dental screw and the bone.

Main advantages of immediate loading on implants:

  • only one procedure;
  • one phase of recovery after the procedure;
  • one anesthesia.

Dental implantology: fixed solutions

Implantology, as a fixed solution, unlike prostheses, offers numerous advantages:

  • Stimulates bone growth by avoiding the loss of supporting tissues;
  • allows excellent chewing and good aesthetic result;
  • Completely compensates a lost tooth;
  • allows you to preserve the surrounding teeth: it is not necessary to grind and sacrifice other teeth to insert a dental implant to replace a lost tooth.

One tooth on the implant

A missing tooth is compromising the aesthetics of our smile and creates problems for the surrounding teeth. It can cause bone loss and damage the bite. Unlike traditional dental bridges, a dental implant does not need the support of other teeth. With a dental implant, the result is a tooth that is completely identical to the natural teeth.

Bridge on implants

The lack of two or more teeth and the loss of a traditional bridge bracket leads to the creation of a bridge with one or more dental implants. These solutions are especially suitable for procedures in the lateral parts of the mouth due to the higher bite force. Therefore, stable and permanent support is needed – an implant.

It is usually enough to insert a few dental implants than the number of missing teeth. In fact, if they are strategically inserted, they act as carriers for a fixed bridge.

In this way, it will be possible to:

  • restore the chewing function;
  • achieve a good aesthetic effect;
  • restore phonetics.