To compensate for the bone loss, our clinic offers an innovative PRF plasma treatment. It is an autotransplant technique that allows rapid recovery of affected areas. PRF is therefore the most natural process available, there are no added compounds, just your own fibrin. It is used in implantology, oral surgery, periodontology, and aesthetic medicine for the natural recovery of damaged tissues.

PRF treatment stimulates and accelerates the process of tissue healing and regeneration.

Análisis del tratamiento con plasma PRF en Croacia
Análisis del tratamiento con plasma PRF en Croacia
Tratamiento con plasma PRF en Croacia
Tratamiento con plasma PRF en Croacia

How does PRF plasma treatment work?

Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) accelerates healing processes, in fact, it:

  • Promotes healing of damaged tissues;
  • Accelerates collagen production;
  • Affects the formation of new blood vessels;
  • It is a generator of cellular reproduction and transformation.


A small amount of the patient’s blood is drawn. Then we spin the vial in a centrifuge to separate the plasma from the red blood cells. The spinning process concentrates the platelets, which are the cell fragments that produce the growth factors that trigger healing.

Clinical application

  • PRF causes clotting of fibrin-rich platelets, which can be applied during surgical and periodontal procedures such as the sinus lift, implant placement, tooth extraction, adding of bone mass, and soft tissues.
  • Plasma PRF treatment provides liquid that can be used where needed. The liquid form is used to regenerate the gums.

The PRF system represents a revolution in dental medicine because it provides non-invasive, safe, and predictable solutions that guarantee the success of therapy.

Why is PRF plasma treatment used?

PRF plasma treatment in oral surgery:

  • increases the success of the implant procedure;
  • faster wound healing;
  • compensates the missing tissue;
  • reduces postoperative pain and risk of infection;
  • reduces swelling;
  • fastens postoperative recovery.

When do we use this treatment?

In our clinic, we recommend PRF treatment to all patients who need oral surgery. If the patient is in good health, there are no restrictions for plasma treatment. The method is absolutely safe, and the results are very effective when the PRF method is applied.

Advantages of PRF treatment

  • 100% biocompatible;
  • Safe, easy, and fast;
  • Painless.

Other applications of PRF plasma

Plasma PRF treatment is also used in dermatology as an anti-aging cure.

It is the only plasma treatment that has the European certification and US FDA approval for skin rejuvenation.

The use of biologically active growth factors applied topically to damaged areas supports cell renewal and improves skin health naturally.

Advantages of the plasma rejuvenation treatment:

  • better skin texture;
  • wrinkle reduction;
  • no change in facial expression;
  • skin rejuvenation;
  • increased collagen production;
  • slowing down the skin aging;
  • Natural skin glow;
  • compatibility with hyaluronic acid.