Elevation of the maxillary sinus

The main obstacle in implant surgery is the condition of the bone in the posterior region. The reabsorption of the bone can happen if too much time has passed from the extraction and the surgery. The purpose of this intervention is to fill a part of the maxillary sinus cavity with the artificial bone and create the base on which the implants can be placed.

Elevation of the maxillary sinus in Croatia

The procedure called the sinus lift is a small rise performed with the osteotomy technique. We raise the tissue and before fixing the implant we put the artificial bone that will be integrated simultaneously with the implant we have set.

When the big part of the bone is missing, we perform the rise of the sinus with the so-called “lateral window” technique. When there is no possibility to place the implant immediately, we must first proceed with the sinus lift and then with the placement of the implants to avoid the risk of rejection.
To increase the maxillary sinus can be used:

  • the patient’s bone;
  • artificial bone with plasma rich in platelets, which helps with the healing of the wound and stimulates tissue regeneration;
  • bio membranes to stabilize the blood clot and bone deficiency;

The maxillary sinus lift is a routine intervention in implantology, sometimes even just as a preliminary phase before the implantology. It is performed under local anesthesia and it is completely painless for the patient.

Sinus Lift in Croazia