Maintenance of the implants

After the placement of the implant, all surrounding teeth must be thoroughly cleaned to avoid contamination of the wound. This is why good daily oral hygiene is important. After two weeks, we recommend using mouth rinse solutions, an antibacterial gel and a very soft brush for the post-operative wound hygiene.

Dental cleaning of the mouth for plant maintenance

Maintenance of dental implants

It is very important to obtain the hygiene and to make periodic checks in order to preserve the health and the durability of the implants or the prosthesis.

Maintenance of prosthetics on implants

The bridges are fixated and they look like natural teeth, they should be cleaned with a simple toothbrush and the toothpaste.

Maintenance of the Toronto Bridge

The Toronto bridge prosthesis is permanently fixed in the mouth. The patient normally continues with the daily cleaning using the brush and the water shower. Once a year, the patient should visit the dentist for a check and a bridge removal (only possible in a dental practice) for thorough cleaning.