What is oral surgery?

Oral surgery involves all dental procedures, simple or complicated, that require surgery.
The dentists from Cukon Dental Clinic perform the following oral surgeries:

  • endodontics;
  • extractions;
  • implantology;
  • reconstructive and regenerative surgery.

Oral surgery

Endodontic oral surgery

  • Apicoectomy: this type of surgery is performed by removing severe dental granulomas (at the top of the tooth) by removing the infected part and filling the oral cavity with biocompatible materials.

Extraction as oral surgery:

  • Alveotomyor removal of wisdom teeth is the most common surgical procedure. It is used to solve the problem of impacted and retained wisdom teeth;
  • Cystectomy: removal of cysts caused by inflammation or trauma;

Implantological oral surgery

It includes surgical techniques performed to reconstruct completely or partially edentulous jaw using dental implants. Two types of implant procedures can be performed: immediate post-extraction implant placement or delayed implant placement.

Reconstructive and regenerative oral surgery

When it is not possible to install dental implants because of the lack of bone tissue, a dentist from the Cukon Dental Clinic suggests the following procedures:

  • Sinus lift (sinus lift procedure);
  • Bone regeneration or bone reconstruction;
  • PRF plasma treatment.
Immediate loading dental implants nobel biocare in Croatia
Straumann Immediate Loading Dental Implants in Croatia

Safeness and reliability

In our clinic, oral surgery is totally painless for the patient. We are using local anesthesia or conscious sedation which offers safety to patients regardless of the intervention which is performed.

After each oral surgery, patients will always receive instructions and advice on how to clean properly the oral cavity as well as the postoperative instructions.

All interventions are performed professionally with the innovative equipment of the latest generation.

Preoperative instructions

Any kind of procedure which includes oral surgery also involves certain risks for the patient’s health. For safe surgery, patients are advised to follow the preoperative instructions recommended by the dentist:

  • Proper answering to the questions from the health questionnaire is crucial for dental diagnosis and therapy.
  • It is not possible to continue with the treatment or surgery without the patient’s written consent.
  • For optimal results, smokers are advised not to smoke 2-3 days before surgery and up to 7-10 days after surgery.
  • It is important to take the prescribed medication and use the mouthwash.
  • On the day of the scheduled procedure, the patient must not use adhesive for temporary or mobile dentures.
  • The patient should eat before the surgery.
  • During surgery, any sensation of pain or discomfort should be reported to the dentist immediately.