Permanent solutions

As a final and definitive solution, unlike the prosthesis, the implant offers many advantages. First of all it stimulates the growth of the bone and avoids the loss of the supporting tissues, compensates completely the lost tooth, allows an optimal chewing and an excellent aesthetic result. Finally it allows the preservation of the surrounding teeth: to insert a implant there is no need to file other teeth to recover the lost teeth.

A tooth next to the implant

A missing tooth compromises the aesthetics of our smile creating problems to the surrounding teeth and causing the loss of bone thickness and damaging the bite. Unlike traditional bridges, neighboring teeth don’t need to support the implant. This means that they do not have to be filed to support the crowns. The result is a tooth that is completely identical to a natural one.

The bridge on the implants

The lack of two or more teeth and the loss of support for a traditional bridge can be replaced with a dental bridge with one or more dental implants . These solutions are particularly used for the interventions in the lateral parts of the mouth , where the force of the bite needs a stable and lasting support without compromising the prosthetic part of the bridge, the metal crown or ceramic zirconia.
The number of implants that are usually placed is lower than the number of missing teeth,when they are strategically positioned and in a correct way, they create the support for the bridge.

Ponte dentale sugli impianti. Soluzioni fisse definitive

Circular prosthesis on implants

The circular bridge on implants or full arch is a fixed dental prosthesis made up of 12 or 14 prosthetic teeth per arch. The teeth are placed on dental implants or on natural tooth abutments. In the case of complete lack of teeth, when the bone mass is sufficient, 6 or 8 implants are placed together with the bridge of 12 or 14 crowns . It is the best way to replace all the missing dental elements.

Circular prosthesis on implants. Final fixed solutions

In this way it is possible to:

  • restore chewing.
  • regain the phonetic ability.
  • get a good aesthetic results.

The maintenance

When speaking about appearance, functionality and comfort, these permanent fixed solutions are comparable in all aspects to the natural teeth . They are easily cleaned with a toothbrush and toothpaste. The circular bridge on implants is the most suitable option for those who demand an excellent aesthetic results and functionality when it comes to prosthetics.