Istruzioni per pazienti dopo il trapianto osseo

Instructions for patients after bone grafting

Instructions For Patients After Bone Grafting:

  • After this type of surgery, it can happen for a couple of days that some grains come out because they have been transplanted into the bone and the patient can feel them in mouth.
  • You do not have to rinse vigorously your mouth or spit.
  • Do not touch the treated area with the tongue or fingers.
  • We must avoid wearing prothesis for at least two weeks because the pressure could compromise the healing.
  • It is not recommended to pull the lip because it can cause damage to the stitches.
  • It is forbidden to use the waterpik!

First day after bone grafting:

You have to let the clot stabilize and avoid rinsing.

After the first day:

Rinse gently.

In case the wound is open and the material is visible, contact the clinic immediately.