Corretta manutenzione della protesi provvisoria dentale

Maintenance of temporary prosthesis

After the surgery, the patient uses a temporary prothesis in the period between the preparation of the teeth and the application of the final prosthesis. The function of the temporary prosthesis is to enable normal state of chewing (functional) and aesthetic comfort during therapy. Temporary prosthesis are cemented with a temporary cement that can be s easily removed by the dentist.

  • This kind of temporary prosthesis should be removed and brushed every day after each meal, to eliminate food residues, especially in the area where the prosthesis meets the gums.
  • The temporary prosthesis must always be moist / wet, especially during installation.
  • At the beggining of the use, we recommend the use of the mirror.
  • Temporary prosthesis can break even if it falls only a few centimeters, it is very fragile.
  • It is not recommended to consume hard or too hot and sticky foods. Patient should try to chew on both sides and not use fron tteeth to bite food (bread, fruit, etc.).
  • In the process of geting used to it, it is best to start with a liquid / semi-liquid diet, gradually introducing soft foods cut into small pieces. Eventually, all food can be consumed.

During the first weeks, temporary prosthesis can be a bit uncomfortable. Due to the natural resorption of bone and gums, it may happen that the prosthesis loses stability and adherence that initially had, especially if the gums are not as swolen as they were after the surgery.