All interventions for correcting minor skin imperfections that do not require surgery are classified as Aesthetic Medicine. By aging, facial skin loses its freshness and fullness: the first wrinkles may appear and the face may look less attractive.

First examination

Before starting any treatment for improving facial aesthetics, a preliminary visit is essential, it will allow us to focus on the important features:

  • Facial morphology;
  • Facial expressions;
  • Aesthetic aspects that can be improved by treatment;
  • Expectations of the patient.

Furthermore, for natural results and safe treatments it is good to rely on experienced professionals in the sector. They are able to accompany the patient in all the steps to be followed to achieve the desired result.

Aesthetic injections

Aesthetic injections are used to change the appearance, reduce pores and oiliness of the skin. The most popular procedures are certainly the reduction of wrinkles (around the eyes and on the forehead). Injections are a safe substance with no side effects. They consist of a pure protein, extracted from the bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. It is important to rely on experienced specialists as they are the only ones to guarantee natural-looking results.

  • Organic and natural substance;
  • Used in medicine, especially in neurology and ophthalmology;
  • It has been used in aesthetic medicine for thirty years and has never caused any allergic reactions.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers effectively slow down skin aging, and today women of all ages use it. Treatments are quick, easy, comfortable, and non-invasive. The treatment restores and improves the characteristics of the face by placing fillers strategically under the skin. They give fullness and shape while maintaining a natural, symmetrical, and balanced look of the face.

aesthetic medicine in Croatia
aesthetic medicine in Croatia

We use dermal fillers for:

We propose interventions with the dermal filler in specific and well-defined cases in order to guarantee a safe and satisfactory result. We use this treatment to:

  • Softening smile lines;
  • Improvement of lost fullness of the cheeks;
  • Enlargement on the lips;
  • Shaping the jawline.

The face will regain fullness and shape while maintaining a natural, symmetrical, and balanced look.

The best way to get great results is to make an appointment and come for a consultation. We will listen to your needs and expectations, and according to that, we will choose the right treatment.

Besides, you can plan future treatments, discuss the price of the service, and choose a payment method.

We guarantee you the highest standard of service, products of the highest quality, and devices that give the best results.