Istruzioni post operatorie dopo l'inserimento degli impianti dentali

Post-operative instructions after inserting dental implants

Carefully read the post-surgical instructions after the application of dental implants for better results and to prevent any unexpected events.

Do not irritate the treated area

Do not touch the area treated surgically: patient should avoid chewing with the treated part, avoid rinsing and even spiting. It is not recommended to use Water Pik during the healing period in order to avoid bleeding or infections.

Presence of bleeding or other liquids

It is normal to expect some bleeding from the treated area. If the bleeding persists try to stop it by lightly pressing a clean gauze for 30-60 min or biting a cold tea bag for 15 minutes.

Pain and discomfort

For a painkiller patients can use Voltaren, Saridon or Naklofen, always on a full stomach (on the contrary they may cause nausea and vomiting). If the pain and discomfort do not pass within 3 days, contact the clinic.
The use of alcohol is not recommended.


A slight swelling of the treated area is normal. To relieve swelling, use a frost pack by pressing for 20 minutes on the face. Repeat with 10-minute breaks through the day. Use more cushions to lift the head during rest. If the swelling persists too long or if it increases contact the clinic.


We recommend a liquid-based diet : avoid hard and crunchy foods that could damage points or cause infections and avoid too hot drinks. It is recommended to drink 8 glasses of liquid a day (water or juices). It is not recommended to start with diets because of a high risk of nausea, vomiting or prolonged healing time.


All antibiotics prescribed by the dentist should be used regularly and according to the instructions. Changing the antibiotics could influence the healing period and the success of the intervention. Do not take the antibiotics on an empty stomach. If the patient uses particular drugs or if he is under treatment for other reasons it is very important to consult the doctors and check the compatibility and the possibility of using multiple drugs at the same time.


It is not recommended to smoke before and after surgery. Smoking could prolong healing time.


Consuming alcohol is not recommended , it can interfere with the recovery process. Alcohol can be very dangerous in combination with other drugs.

Oral Igene

The doctor will prescribe a liquid medicine to rinse the oral cavity. The medicine contains chlororesidine (Corsodyl), an antibacterial solution for the disinfection of the oral cavity. We recommend the use from the next day after the surgery. You need to rinse half an hour after brushing your teeth. For better effect you should not consume food or drink half an hour after this treatment. Rinse gently three times a day. The use of the Water Pik is not recommended.


A bandage can be used as a protection for the treated area.. If small pieces fall and you find them in your mouth, do not be worried, it’s normal, but if you notice large pieces within three days of the operation, you will need to call the clinic.


It is not recommended to wear the temporary prosthesis at least one week after the operation.

Physical activity

Physical activity should be limited after surgery to avoid reopening of the wounds.

Regular visits are very important . During the first two years we recommend a ckeck every 7-8 months. After the first two years, the check can be made regularly once a year.