The new privacy policy sets out the rules of the protection of personal data that are transmitted trough the relevant website according to the GDPR UE General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 and RH, NN 103/03, 118/06, 41 / 08, 130/11, 106/12 and includes the collection, processing, use and storage of the personal data of the interested party.
The protection of the user’s personal data transmitted through the relevant website is the responsibility of the owner of the clinic Cukon Dental Clinic. Personal data includes name and surname, address, date and place of birth, telephone number, e-mail and any other document or health information.
All personal data are provided with your consent and authorization of the person concerned and the same are processed by the third party responsible for the processing of personal data.
Access to the relevant website is allowed to all persons with a minimum age of 16. Persons under the age of 16 must have the consent of the parents or an authorized assistant to be able to use the related website and services of the Cukon clinic.

Owner, manager and place of treatment

The owner and manager of data processing is Ordinacija dentalne medicine dr. Doriana Perusko Cukon based in Koparska 18a, Pula, Croazia – VAT HR89374441724 – Email: which guarantees compliance with the regulations regarding the protection of personal data.

Terms of use

The website (referred as the website) is owned by the Cukon Dental Clinic (a.k.a. Cukon Clinic), Koparska 18a, 52100 Pula, Croatia. The right of access to this website and the services of the Cukon Clinic are only for persons over the age of 16. They have the right to use the information with the presence and / or consent of their parent or legal guardian. If you are under 16 and / or do not agree to the Terms of Use, please leave the website immediately without using it. The website serves to facilitate the availability of the use of information about services provided by the Cukon Clinic. Precise informations about your health condition, necessary therapy, treatment, prices and other services can used only at the Clinic Cukon. Website changes, including the Terms of Use, can be changed in any time without prior oral and / or written notice of the Cukon Clinic.

Collection, processing and use of personal data

All personal data of the subject is collected with his / her own consent by means of a standardized form, by e-mail, WhatsApp or via the phone on our website and they are used to confirm the identity of the person concerned.

Personal data that is collected in a standard way and by e-mail on our website includes the name and surname, e-mail and telephone number. Likewise, the data subject can send very sensitive data such as health data that will be archived for preventive medicine and treatment purposes..

When the interested person fills in the form of contact on our website or when it transmits his personal data on the relevant website, it accepts and confirms that it has understood all the information listed above : access, processing, sending, use and storage of personal data and agrees with the relevancy of the Privacy Policy.
Applying trough the form of contact which sends the request on our website, the interested party expresses his consent on accessing, processing, sending, availability and storage of all the data in the Cukon Clinic aimed at providing health care services.
Personal data is collected in order to improve the service; access to information for the user; for marketing and advertising that include offers and promotions; how to improve research and statistical surveys.

The Cukon Clinic will process the data collected by the interested party using its own productive capacity and at the same time will have the right to transmit the same to the third party, to a collaborator (the transporter, place of accommodation, the collaborating Tourism Agency) to make an analysis of the patient’s needs, for market research, and finally, to offer services of the highest quality.

Your personal data will not be sold or transferred to third parties that are not indicated in the relevant Privacy Policy. After transmitting your personal data to the Clinic Cukon there is no obligation to perform any service requested by the user of the website. The personal data that the person has transmitted to the Clinic Cukon are collected and used in accordance with the professional regulations in order to provide the best health service to the user, preventive medicine and other services belonging to the same.

Protection of personal data

All users of the website have the right to the protection of personal data if their identity can be confirmed, regardless of their nationality or domicile. The Cukon Clinic uses appropriate protection measures in order to protect the data transmitted by the interested party via the relevant website.

Use of cookies

On the website we use third-party cookies. Cookies allow us to operate our Website efficiently. In order to follow the number of interactions and users on the relevant website, we use the Google Analytics services. Cookies allow us to identify interests of the user, to create statistical reports on demographic data, to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns on our website. In case of access to our Facebook site through the website the user accepts the new Facebook Privacy Policy. You can disable cookies in your web browser settings and they can not cause damage to your computer.

For more information see relative information.

Access to personal data and time to access

The personal data that the user transmitted on the website or provided to the Cukon Clinic are stored in the system for a period of 10 years, in order to make health care, preventive medicine and improvement safer and more effective the protection of patients’ health as stated in the Health Act RH (Republic of Croatia).
All data that are not considered relevant for the data subject who uses the service will be deleted during the periodic survey that is carried out every year in the Cukon Clinic.

Removal and deletion of personal data

The user of the website and the data subject who benefits from the services of the Cukon Clinic has the right to delete all personal data from the archive system of the same. If the interested party wishes to have the personal data deleted, it should send a written request to the official email Regarding the removal and delivery of personal data, the interested party will be informed by e-mail about the e-mail address submitted within 30 days of receipt of the same.
The withdrawal of consent to the access, treatment, use and storage of personal data of the interested party does not affect the legitimacy of the same activities before sending or before receiving the request for cancellation of personal data by the interested.


The Cukon Clinic has no responsibility for the personal data of the data subject transferred to the partner companies. The partner companies will keep the personal data of the interested party as a professional secret in accordance with their Privacy Policy. The Cukon Clinic and the partner companies do not assume any responsibility for any material and / or immaterial damages caused by the use of the personal data of the interested party that have been purchased through illicit or malicious actions by the third party and which may compromise the integrity, access, authenticity or / and confidentiality of the data subject’s personal data.

Changes and additions

The Cukon Clinic reserves the right according to its own convictions to make changes or additions without the obligation of notice on the relevant Privacy Policy.

Jurisdiction of

The Court of Pula (Croatia) is responsible for any legal disputes.

Last edit: 09/19/2018