At the end of 2020, we decided on our first humanitarian project: to donate a dental makeover. A lot of people applied to our competition on Facebook, from Istria and the rest of Croatia.
We chose Karolina, a young unemployed mother of two from Vinkovci. Karolina decided to sign up for our makeover in order to make her lifelong dream come true – that she can finally laugh and have one beautiful picture with her family in which she is also smiling.

prima del makeover
dopo il makeover

Initial state, situation before Makeover

Karolina’s family was hers priority, she always put herself last, and so did for her oral health. Negative experiences with dentists prevented her from starting to fight for her teeth in time. She wasn’t happy with the look of her teeth, but she was also embarrassed that she had allowed herself to have her teeth damaged so much. And worst of all, she got into the habit of hiding her smile or not laughing at all.

Treatment and teeth reconstruction

Karolina’s dental situation was already out of control, all her teeth needed to be healed. A lot of caries which made it harder for her teeth to function had to be cured. She needed a lot of endodontic treatments and a restoration with new dental bridges that give a natural and aesthetically beautiful smile. The obtained fixed work completely imitates real teeth, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.
Despite the fear of the dentist Karolina’s, after the first visit she relaxed and finally came to our clinic with a smile and without fear. The completion of the dental makeover not only affected her health and her physical appearance, but her attitude and the smile she now finally proudly shows to everyone.

before the makeover
after the makeover