Services and treatments

The Cukon dental clinic offers a wide range of dental care services for the patients. The professionalism of the team, combined with the use of high quality materials and technologies and the latest equipment, attract many patients from all over the world. The odotoiatric clinic has a state-of-the-art facility designed to offer all the necessary services and treatments but also accomodation and hospitality.

Most popular dental treatments:

  • implantology;
  • conservative periodontal, prosthetic, and surgical treatments;
  • treatments for curing dysfunctional disorders (reposition bite, bite for those suffering from bruxism and grinding);
  • oral hygiene and fluoro-prophylaxis treatments to obtain dental health.

Healthy teeth are an important part of the patient’s condition and a very important aspect in life. Dental problems can be connected to other disorders and therefore must be analyzed carefully. Even the dental hygiene and regular dental checkups are important. The prevention plays a key role and prevents many dental problems that require dental care. Everybody has unique character and posture, so it is important to find a competent dental professionals which are able to evaluate individual dental problems and find the right solution.