Dental diagnosis

Before performing any type of dental intervention it is always necesary to know the characteristics of each tooth: dental treatments require precise diagnosis to guarantee the best result. Radiological examination of the dental arches are fundamental in the definition of the dental diagnosis in each clinical case, before proceeding with dental care.
Today, thanks to the new technology and radiographic tools, we are able to get a lot of information exposing the patient to a lower quantity of ionizing radiation.

The Cukon dental clinic works with advanced system of digital orthoporametic and endoral radiographs to provide a detailed picture of the general health of the patient’s dentition (implants, individual teeth, bone structure, possible caries, length of root canals …)

Dental overview or orthopantomography

OPG is a radiographic technique that provides an image of the tooth, the dental arches, the mandibular and maxillary bone, the maxillary sinuses on a single X-ray. It must be done before any dental surgery and dental implantology.

  • It offers a complete view of the oral anatomy and pathologies which are not visible during the objective examination.
  • It helps to visualize and evaluate the state of the dental arches, of the dental alveoli, of the mandibular and maxillary bone and the possible presence of cysts or granulomas, thus reducing possible complications during dental implant surgery.
  • It is an important diagnostic test before a dental implant surgery and bone grafting.
Dental diagnosis in Croatia

Dental diagnosis in Croatia

Dental consultation in Croatia

Dental consultation in Croatia

How do we perform the dental panoramic examination

Through this examination it is possible to visualize the situation of the teeth and the bone to be able to decide the most suitable dental treatment.

  • The patient will be asked to remove personal items such as earrings, necklaces, removable prostheses, etc., and to wear a lead coat to protect themselves from radiation.The orthopantography is performed in an upright position, remaining motionless, with the head on the indicated supports.
  • The orthopantomography is a short exam, lasts about twenty seconds.
  • It is painless and does not cause any discomfort.

Dental diagnosis in Croatia

Computerized Dental Tomography

CDT represents a radiological procedure which caused a revolution in dental and maxillofacial diagnostics, capturing data and anatomical structures using a cone-shaped X-ray beam. This technology is superior to traditional CT because of the better definition of images and because it allows highlighting the contrasts between structures of different densities of gingiva and the bone.

How do we perform a Dental Tomography exam

The patient will be asked to remain standing and still.

  • A quick exam.
  • Painless.
  • Radiant doses are very low.

When do we perform it

  • Before tooth extraction, to adults and children.
  • In implantology, to evaluate the quality and quantity of the bone.
  • In orthodontics.