The use of high-standard technologies and products is essential for the success of therapeutic and rehabilitative plans. This is why the Cukon Dental Clinic relies on the best known companies. The products we use are scientifically certified, they are the result of the most advanced research in the dental sector. Our implants are designed to last for a long period of time.

The goal is to offer the highest level of safety, functionality and aesthetic result to those who rely on us for the treatment of Implantology, Conservative Dentistry, Aesthetic Dentistry, Prosthetics and Aesthetic Medicine.

Selected Companies

The companies and materials we work with have credit and reliability all over the world.

  • Straumann


    Straumann is a Swiss company based in Basel. It is leading company in the field of dental implantology and has been operating on the market for over 60 years. Straumann implants are chosen by doctors all over the world and are guaranteed for life.

    • More than 14 million implants installed worldwide.
    • Precision and quality “Made in Switzerland”.
    • A trusted brand in more than 70 countries.
    • Unique implant surface for improved predictability and reduced healing time.
    • Excellent material for less invasive treatment options.
    • Lifetime warranty for all installations.

    Straumann life time warranty.jpg

  • Nobel Biocare

    Nobel Biocare

    Nobel Biocare is one of the world’s leading companies in the design, manufacture and marketing of products for implantology, prosthetic and aesthetic dental solutions. It is a Swiss company , with headquarters in Zurich. The Nobel implant was designed specifically for narrow spaces, such as those of the lower teeth, where traditional implants could not be placed. NobelActive is truly an implant like no other. No matter if you’re dealing with soft bone, extraction sockets, or the esthetic region, you can benefit from its high primary stability.
    This makes NobelActive a suitable choice for demanding indications and protocols, such as immediate implant placement and Immediate Function. The Nobel implant features our unique oxidized TiUnite surface. It maintains high stability during healing through fast bone formation and promotes long-term success.

    • Place implants in areas with limited space.
    • Aim for excellent esthetics.
    • Achieve a natural molar emergence profile.
    • High primary stability even in problematic situations.
    • Lifetime warranty.
  • Zoom whitening


    Philips blue LED light-activated technology provides approximately 50,000 hours of use, reducing operating costs and downtime and decreasing energy consumption by 40% over previous Zoom models. WhiteSpeed also outlasted the competition when it came to results and efficacy, showing 55% better results. In combination with a 25% hydrogen peroxide gel, allows you to customize the bleaching intensity on three different scales (low, medium and high), thus coming to lighten the teeth up to 8 shades. To whiten, the patient should wear protective goggles as a precaution. The particular shape of the lamp, with a specific built-in retractor, allows to intervene in a targeted way.

  • Planmeca


    Planmeca is the software of choice for viewing and processing 3D and 2D images from Planmeca X-ray units. Powerful enhancement and analysis tools guarantee that accurate diagnosis is available to users in all specialties, while the intuitive interface guarantees confident, comfortable use from day one.

  • Biolase


    The LASER Biolase whitens the teeth without damaging the enamel. The treatment is absolutely painless with fast results. The laser works like an activator for the Laser White 2.0 whitening gel to accelerate the chemical whitening process, and it enhances the effect for 20%. It guarentees excellent results even after only one session.

  • itop


    iTOP – individually trained oral prophylaxis. iTOP incorporates practical, hands-on learning and a focus on the motivation needed to implement this knowledge on a daily basis so that your patients can be set up for a lifetime of oral health.

  • dentsply sirona

    Dentsply, Sirona – Wave one gold

    Wave one gold meets all the needs of the dentist when it comes to endodontic treatments. Dentsply Sirona provides Dentists and Specialists with proven, innovative products to shape canals with confidence. Cutting edge file designs and advanced metallurgy combine to deliver predictable outcomes, increased procedural efficiency and safety.
    Dentsply Sirona Endodontics’s offer you the “Choose Your Endo Solution” concept, featuring WaveOne Gold® for the simplicity of reciprocating technology and ProTaper Next ® for continuous rotation. In conjunction with a complete procedural offering, our objective is to enable clinicians to shape canals with confidence and to deliver outstanding patient care.

  • allergan


    Allergan, Inc., is a multinational pharmaceutical company operating from the ophthalmic, dermatological and neurological sectors . The company is best known for its Botox neurological product, used all over the world to treat a variety of debilitating disorders associated with superstimulated muscles and also well known under the trade name of Cosmetica Botox.

  • juvederm filler


    The Juvéderm range offers a complete series of formulations for facial beauty treatments, used to treat superficial and deep wrinkles. The wrinkle fillers are based on hyaluronic acid. They have a unique formulation, a particularly smooth gel which is injected subcutaneously with an ultra thin needle. Thanks to its specific action, the product fills the wrinkles and lines of the face and the skin regaining its volume in a delicate and natural way. Once injected, the hyaluronic acid in the gel attracts and retains hydration.